My work is often an exploration of that which I sense and don’t know. The catalyst is something social – homelessness, a serious illness in a loved one, a dehumanizing procedure. Whatever the event, I receive like a landscape feels weather and that sentience moves through a given piece.

I like to stitch things together and, wonderful, my ancestors sewed garments. I play a melody and then – the countermelodies arrive. It’s like the dance between a plant and the sun. Communication, iteration. I like to play with space and objects in space – and even though it is often a directed journey, I find great pleasure in allowing the body to take over and reveal un/known things.

Recently a melody formed that I feel I could live inside, like a container. It helped me realize an important personal criteria; if the job was done well then anything the listener encounters while hearing it would integrate and play a part. Living in Los Angeles I’ve felt the environment in a very keen way – so as I find myself on the verge of departing, my focus is heightened on spaces that are, like this musical structure, half filled – and that reflect a displaced person’s experience.